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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, January 3 to February 13, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Hospital, 01/30/68: Hospital staff move patients and pack up equipment in preparation for the closure of the Southern Pacific Hospital. Established in 1910, the 125-bed facility served Southern Pacific Railroad employees in Texas and Louisiana. Today, the building houses the Thomas Street Health Center, a freestanding HIV/AIDS clinic. 
    Rice Truck, 02/12/68: Firefighters showcase a new special equipment truck and the variety of tools it carries
    Raymond Claus[?], 02/05/68: A KHOU reporter asks a local repairman about the economic reprisals he experienced after reporting horrific conditions at Arkansas prison farms. Alleged brutality and unreported deaths in the Arkansas prison system was the subject of state investigation throughout the 1960s. The case culminated on January 29, 1968, when an inmate led authorities to the location of three unmarked graves. On March 8, an Arkansas grand jury decided that the bodies had actually been buried in an old prison cemetery, and that their exhumation was merely a publicity stunt orchestrated by the new prison superintendent for personal gain. 
    Traffic Fatal, 01/31/68: Law enforcement on the scene of a fatal traffic accident
    Railroad Strike - Jones Lamoda, 01/31/68: One gentleman stresses a railroad company's commitment in supporting Vietnam War efforts. Another summarizes two recent incidents where protesters or strikers disrupted train service. 
    Welch on Dr. Pigford, 02/13/68: A KHOU reporter asks Houston Mayor Louie Welch about plans to replace city health director following the resignation of Dr. C. A. Pigford. Pigford left the post to become a department head at the University of Texas School of Public Health. 
    Liquor by the Drink, 02/13/68: State Representative Cletus "Cowboy" Davis comments on the possibility of the Texas Legislature passing legislation to allow the sale of mixed alcoholic beverages and liquor by the drink. In 1971, the legislature responded to a public referendum by creating a mixed beverage permit authorized on a local-option basis. Davis served in the Texas House of Representatives from 1967 to 1971. 
    Dr. Stock SOF on Cancer, 02/13/68
    Post Office, 02/12/68: Representatives with the Independent Postal System of America (IPSA) crowd around a map to plan potential coverage areas. Founded in Oklahoma City in February 1968, IPSA was a private mail delivery service for bulk mail. The company expanded to Texas in August, opening offices in Dallas and Wichita Falls. In 1973, a federal grand jury indicted  IPSA officials for mail fraud. The company collapsed amid the ensuing legal battle. 
    IPSA founder Tom Murray
    Yarborough Announces, 01/03/68: Don Yarborough announces his candidacy for governor of Texas. The Houston lawyer made three unsuccessful runs for the office. 
    Hemisfair Tower, 01/03/68: Construction on the Tower of the Americas for HemisFair ‘68 in San Antonio. The World's Fair opened on April 6. 
    Computer Learning, 01/03/68: Individuals practice using new technology like computers, push-button telephones, and record players