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Sheriff Bill Decker and Emergency Rescue Calls
Dallas Firefighters Museum
Silent |
1960s |
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    Dallas County Sheriff, Bill Decker, converses with a group of men in his office. Decker was credited for setting up the final ambush of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow in 1934 (though he later admitted to a tip-off). He also rode in the first car during President John F. Kennedy's tour through Dallas, leading up to the assassination. Two days later, Decker took custody of Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald's assassinator. Many blamed him for the escape of five prisoners during the trial, to which he famously responded, "Dallas will survive all this, partner."
    A terrible car accident on Ross Avenue and Hall Street leaves at least three people seriously injured
    Firefighters enter a building covered in debris
    A cave-in at a construction site by Oakland and Louise Avenues
    A dead body is brought into the Dudley M. Hughes funeral home hearse
    Rescuers carry injured workers out of the trench