A Night at Charlie's (1973)
Larry Weidman
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    Astros fans enjoy nickel beer at the Astrodome
    Apprehending the "bandana bandit"
    Skyjacking in Lake Jackson
    On October 29, 1972, four armed men hijacked an Eastern Airlines 727 jet at Houston Intercontinental Airport. The perpetrators fatally shot ticket agent Stanley Hubbard at the gate, and wounded jet refueler Wyatt Wilkinson. They held more than 40 passengers and crew members hostage at gunpoint on board as the plane flew to Havana, Cuba, where the hijackers were arrested upon arrival. On November 6, Judge John Singleton indicted Charles Tuller, his teenage sons Bryce and Johnathan, and William Graham on charges of air piracy, kidnapping, and interfering with interstate commerce by threat of force. 
    Emergency responders rescue construction workers after a cave-in
    Adjusting to daylight saving time
    Organist Carlo Curley
    Researchers with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Wildlife Restoration Division launch a study the problems faced by newborn deer
    Aboard the USCGC Eagle, a tall ship used for training cadets and officer candidates for the US Coast Guard. The Coast Guard continues to use the ship for training as well as public relations. It is one of only two commissioned sailing vessels still active in the US military. 
    Aftermath of a devastating earthquake near Managua, Nicaragua. On December 23, 1972, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Central American capital city. Electricity and water services were cut off. Between 5,000 and 10,000 people were killed and hundreds of thousands of residents were displaced or left homeless. 
    Promo for Bob Brandon, KPRC chief cameraman