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Employed Ability: Blind Persons on the Job (1982)
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Museum
  • Highlights
    The narrator introduces Albert Gayzagian, a blind, corporate planning executive for the John Hancock Life Insurance Company
    Kevin Davis, a shop clerk for New York City's Department of Motor Vehicles
    Bernice Haymer owns and operates a Telecommunications Services
    Kathy Lutz, secretary to the Manager of Public Affairs at IBM
    Ralph Carter works in IBM's Brooklyn plant
    Dr. Jim Cutch works at the Bell Lab's Division of AT&T
    Jack Reed, the first blind programmer at Manufacturers Hanover Trust
    Susan Robinson, MHT Dictaphone operator 
    Judge Gilbert Ramirez of the New York State Supreme Court
    The technological revolution offers new devices
    A graduate student in clinical psychology at the University of Massachusetts
    A chemist discusses his experiences
    Ed Walker, TV talk show host, radio disc jockey, and a freelance commercial announcer