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The Dow Chemical Collection - Hurricane Carla Storm Damage (1961)
Lake Jackson Historical Museum
Color & B/W
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Crane fallen into river
    Hurricane damage to shed and buildings
    Barge beached on shoal
    Damage to buildings by the water
    Red cross truck providing food, water, and services to residents
    Cleaning out flooded buildings
    Chemical barrels fallen into water
    Flooded railroad tracks
    Cranes and trucks loading damaged equipment
    Warning not to drink water from plant
    Beached fishing boat
    Damaged buildings and cleaning out water
    Car thrown into canal
    Cattle grazing near flooded causeway
    Levy construction and maintenance
    Drinking water provided to residents
    Flooded town, damaged fishing boats
    Hurricane tracked and plotted on map of the Gulf of Mexico
    Ending title cards
    Additional hurricane damage footage
    A lost sea captain's hat
    Storm surge damage
    Passing out checks to workers
    Chemical plant damage from storm, smoke stacks toppled
    Dow chemist using a fume vent and bunsen burner
    Stock footage of Dow chemists at work
    Workers lining up to clock out for the day
    Electrical power routing station
    Welders and machinists at work
    Hurricane tracking on map of the Gulf of Mexico
    Port Lavaca black and white footage during hurricane
    Radar of storm making landfall on the coast
    Police directing traffic following storm
    Storm damage to plant and canals
    Flood and storm surge damage to railroad tracks
    Flooded parking lot at the Dow Plant
    Animals hurt or killed by the storm
    Large chemical silos with extensive storm damage to outer covering