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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, October 26 - 31, 1967
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Kelley's Fire, October 30, 1967 - Silent footage of firefighters and fire damage at Kelley's Restaurant. 
    Am. Legion on Protestors @ Wash., October 31, 1967 - A member of the American Legion comments about bad behavior at a mass demonstration that occurred in Washington D.C.
    Shrine Circus Parade, October 31, 1967 - Silent footage of the Shrine Circus parade in downtown Houston.
    West University Party, October 31, 1967 - Silent footage of children attending a Halloween party sponsored by the West University Fire Department.
    Hiskey [sic] on New Job, October 31, 1967 - A brief segment from an interview with internationally renowned cancer surgeon, Dr. Robert C. Hickey, M.D. He discusses the administrative affairs of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center under the leadership of Dr. R. L. Clark and may be referring to his assumption of the responsibilities of deputy director of the hospital.
    Saturn vs Apollo, October 31, 1967 - Silent footage of engineers working on different space capsule components; rocket engines firing; a Saturn V rocket on the launch pad.
    Lew Otis Arrested Theft, October 31, 1967 - Silent footage of a man inside a police station. 
    Danbury Cleanup, October 29, 1967 - Silent footage of the aftermath of a train derailment and fire in Danbury, Texas on October 28, 1967.
    Long Row Dedication, October 29, 1967 - Silent footage of Houston Mayor Louie Welch delivering a speech from the porch of the Long Row, one of the historic structures in Sam Houston Park.
    Miss USA Arrives, October 29, 1967 - Silent footage of Cheryl Ann Patton, Miss USA 1967, arriving at the airport, putting on her sash, and passing through a crowd of spectators. 
    Lutherans at Galveston- Rather, October 24, 1967 - Silent footage the 450th Reformation Anniversary celebration held at the Moody Center with Dan Rather as guest speaker. 
    Car Thieves Caught, October 27, 1967 - Silent footage of police at the location where a car hit a telephone pole near the Memorial and Hunters Grove intersection, followed by the suspect or a witness being escorted into the Villages Police Station. 
    Reagan Arrives, October 26, 1967 - Silent footage of Ronald Reagan and others arriving at the airport and greeted by a cheering crowd and marching band.  Reagan was the principal speaker at the Rice Hotel that night. 
    Cutrer on Welch Taxes, October 26, 1967 - Mayoral candidate Lewis Wesley Cutrer speaks about the city of Houston's financial condition. 
    Eichelberger on Viet in U. N., October 16, 1967 -  Clark M. Eichelberger, chairman of the Commission to Study the Organization of Peace, a research agency for the United Nations, discusses the difficulties of taking the Vietnam issue to the United Nations.