KPRC-TV news director Ray Miller reports from South Vietnam, observing military operations and speaking with American soldiers
Unedited KPRC-TV news coverage about the debate surrounding Dr. Nikki Van Hightower as Women's Advocate
Edited news footage from Houston's KPRC-TV following the grand jury investigation into the murder of José Campos Torres by Houston police
Unedited news footage from Houston's KPRC-TV capturing a TSU student demonstration and a hearing regarding one of the TSU Five
Series of unedited news segments for Houston's KPRC-TV, including a brief interview with acclaimed journalist Dan Rather
KPRC-TV news footage of a press conference with NASA astronauts Gus Grissom, John Glenn, and Deke Slayton
KPRC-TV news segment profiling Linda Snyder of Morgan's Point, who rescues and rehabilitates sick and injured wild birds
KPRC-TV news segment profiling the former Perrin Air Force Station and its emerging use by Grayson College as a vineyard