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KPRC Radio Promotional Film (1958)
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    Exploring Houston's downtown and industrial areas
    The historic Shamrock Hilton Hotel. The Shamrock opened on March 17, 1949. Publicized as "Houston's biggest party," the grand opening attracted some 2,000 Houstonians and 150 Hollywood celebrities, including Ginger Rogers, Hedda Hopper, and Errol Flynn. Hilton purchased the hotel in 1955, operating it as the Shamrock Hilton until 1985, when it donated the building to the Texas Medical Center. Demolished in 1987, the site is now the home of the Institute of Biosciences and Technology. 
    Houston Ship Channel
    San Jacinto Monument
    Residential neighborhoods, churches, and schools
    The Texas Medical Center, a 2.1-square-mile medical district
    Sam Houston Monument at Hermann Park
    Houston Zoo
    Sam Houston Coliseum and Music Hall. The indoor arena opened in November 1937, hosting a variety of musical performances, sports games, and major events over the next six decades. The building was demolished in 1998. The site was then redeveloped into the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, which opened in 2003. 
    The Alley Theatre, the oldest professional company in Texas and the third-oldest residential theatre in the country
    The Houston Post organization, home of the Post newspaper, KPRC Radio, and KPRC-TV
    Post President Oveta Culp Hobby 
    KPRC-TV. Signing on the air on January 1, 1949, KPRC-TV is the oldest television station in Houston and the second-oldest station in the state. 
    KPRC Radio
    Ray Miller checks the news wires
    News Director Pat Flaherty
    Farm Director George Roesner and Farm Editor Buck Buchanan 
    Sports Director Bruce Layer and commentator Carl Mann
    Tim Nolan and Bob Bryon. The morning duo were on the airwaves for over a decade.
    Radio personality "Pancho," as portrayed by Lee Norton, demonstrating racist stereotypes about Mexican-American culture prevalent at the time
    The voices of KPRC Radio
    Merchandising and Program Promotion Department, including Manager Kirt Harriss, Director of Promotion Bette Haynesworth, and Director of Publicity Edna Forrester
    Corporate, regional, and local advertisers