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Yount-Manion Films - Celebrations and Vacations
Lamar University
Silent |
1940s |
| N/A
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    The Manion children, Kathryn, Mildred, and Edward, play outside their Beaumont home
    A young Kathryn hunting for Easter eggs
    Baby Kathryn with an unidentified woman at the family home in Manitou Springs, Colorado
    Kathryn with her mother, Mildred Yount Manion
    The whole Yount-Manion family. Edward Manion is the man in the back row on the right, with his wife Mildred and daughter Kathryn in front of him. The older women on the far left are Edward's mother, Sarah Kathryn Manion, and Mildred's mother, Pansy Yount. 
    Edward goes hunting
    Snow-peaked mountain scenery
    Birthday party back in Beaumont
    Manion daughters in New York City
    RMS Queen Mary
    Costume party