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Ride ‘Em Cowboy! (1929)
Betty Mayer
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    Edwin Mayer's wife, Minnie. The couple married in 1926 and had five children: Edwin Jr., Ralph, Robert, Doris, and Richard.
    Branding and de-horning
    Working sheep
    The film dares viewers to try counting bounding sheep for themselves
    Shearing sheep
    The crew
    Edwin's stepmother, Ernestine. Solomon and Ernestine Mayer married in 1904. The couple were dedicated philanthropists, donating land for the West Texas Boys' Ranch and Camp Sol Mayer, a Boy Scouts facility. Ernestine also gave the first library building to Tom Green County.
    Fighting prairie fire
    With Mr. and Mrs. Wynn Hamilton in Saragosa. The gentleman standing on the far fight is possibly Edwin's father, Solomon. 
    Minnie pulls her husband Edwin out from behind the camera
    Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico
    Edwin signing off