Love the Lone Star State? Here are some films at this year's Austin Film Festival you shouldn't miss! Films from TAMI's collection will show prior to each feature in the Texas independents category.
BROADCASTING 1968, a new web exhibit from TAMI, explores how millions of Texans experienced one of the most transformative moments in modern US history.
TAMI presents a new lesson plan in which students will analyze events in the history of the Texas Oil Boom, as well as the "boom and bust" cycle of oil towns, the early period of independent oil prospecting, and the eventual push for regulation.
Using TAMI's interactive web exhibit, "Women on the Move: Texas and the Fight for Women's Rights," students will demonstrate an understanding of individual rights, political participation, and the impact that individuals and interests groups can have on shaping public policy.
Indulge your sweet tooth with highlights from the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation Collection, the subject of this month's New Releases.
Explore West Texas vistas and frontier history with this month's New Releases from the Fort Davis National Historic Site!
Ring in 2018 with the science fiction fare from the Stanley Collection
The Tom Wright Collection, the subject of this month's New Releases, features select broadcasts from Beaumont's KFDM