Love the Lone Star State? Here are some films at this year's Austin Film Festival you shouldn't miss! Films from TAMI's collection will show prior to each feature in the Texas independents category.
TAMI presents a new curated collection examining the JFK assassination from a Texas perspective.
Broadcasting 1968 uses local television news to examine the functions of the news media as an intermediary between the people and the events of the day.
TAMI presents a new lesson plan in which students will examine the functions of state government, as well as the duties, responsibilities, and powers of state office holders.
TAMI presents a new lesson plan in which students will analyze events in the history of the Texas Oil Boom, as well as the "boom and bust" cycle of oil towns, the early period of independent oil prospecting, and the eventual push for regulation.
As the holidays approach, we ask that you remember the Texas Archive of the Moving Image. Your family memories are our cultural history as Texans!
TAMI continues its Round-Up in Brownsville, participates in the Austin Archives Bazaar, presents its educator resources in Galveston, and more!
Alamo Drafthouse Mueller and TAMI are co-hosting two screenings of Houston-born filmmaker, Blake Williams' experimental 3-D film PROTOTYPE.