New web exhibit explores NASA's Apollo Program by taking viewers on a journey to the moon through Texas!
TAMI and Yard Bar invite you and your four legged best friend to a night of fur friendly films that is sure to be totally "off the leash" at Austin's favorite outdoor dog park.
Want to see Texas history as well as help save it? Join us on Monday, February 29 at 7 pm for a night at the Bastrop Opera House!
TAMI hosts a public screening, "What does Waikiki have that Galveston doesn't?," on Saturday, June 25 from 4:30 – 6:00 pm in the Rosenberg Library's Wortham Auditorium.
TAMI Presents "La Frontera Fluida - The Fluid Border," a new web exhibit that explores the Texas-Mexico border through film, examining not only the varied experiences of its residents but also its place within the mythology of Texas.
Drawing on the films featured in TAMI's web exhibit, "A Journey to the Moon through Texas," this lesson plan explores the unique period of growth in the U.S. space program during the 1960s. The lesson focuses on the role of the Manned Space Center and the contributions of workers at the Texas site, using the films from TAMI's exhibit.
This plan lesson highlights the work of lumberjacks and millworkers, as well as the benefits of the paper industry, the need for conscientious timber stewardship, and the importance of lumber to the Texas economy.
This April, we are excited to share 1920s home movies featuring Miriam "Ma" Ferguson, the first female Governor of Texas and the first elected female state governor in the United States.