The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, April 15 - 22, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Marriages/Treadway, 04/22/68: A government official criticizes Harris County Clerk R. E. Turrentine's plan to hire a Pentecostal minister to issue marriage licenses and perform matrimonial rites in his office. The Reverend Arthur Lee Pozzie would clock out to perform a ceremony, and marriage fees would go towards the building fund for his church. Turrentine reportedly decided to hire the minister after justices of the peace came out against legislation that would allow the clerk's office to perform marriages and collect the resulting fees. The Harris County Commissioners Court unanimously rejected Turrentine's proposed hire at first. Turrentine did not relent, threatening a court order. The court finally approved the hire in June after Turrentine made his request for the eleventh time. 
    Underground Wrap, 04/22/68: KHOU reporter Mark Hepler teases an underground shopping center next to the Buffalo Bayou
    Homicide, 04/22/68: Homicide detectives question a shirtless man
    Car & Bayou, 04/22/68
    2-Alarm Fire, 04/22/68: Firefighters extinguish a house fire
    Burg Shot, 04/18/68: Law enforcement investigate a burglary at the Pontiac City dealership
    Phone Strike, 04/20/68 Demonstrators picket outside the Southwestern Bell building, accusing the company of attempting to entice union members to work despite the ongoing strike. In April 1968, some 200,000 Communications Workers of America telephone employees went on a nationwide strike after the Bell System refused to agree to general wage increases. The strike lasted 18 days, with the Bell System agreed to a raise in wages and benefits.
    Road Construction, 04/19/68: KHOU reporter Ron Pierce talks with a government official about attempts to improve a two-lane highway. Conducting the interview on the road in question, the pair ironically hold up traffic to make their point. 
    Teenage Floater, 04/18/68
    Welch on March, 04/15/68: Houston Mayor Louie Welch rejects critical remarks made