Overview of the workings of Tarrant County government offices and the services provided to citizens
Government film documenting the history and significance of the Tarrant County Courthouse
KHOU news clips from April 1963, including interviews with Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona and Texas State Representative J. D. Weldon
KHOU news clips from August and September 1964, including segments about housing integration, a murder case, and a prison hunger strike
KHOU news clips from January 1965, including segments about bullfights in the Astrodome and the Dowling Theatre fire
KHOU news clips from May and June 1965, including segments about two of Houston's most notable murder investigations
KHOU news clips from November and December 1965, including segments about medical testing and a Christmas parade
KHOU news clips from January 1966, including news segments about the Mossler-Powers trial and the last ride of the Sam Houston Zephyr