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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, October 20-23, 1965
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Grand Jury, 10/20/65
    Cho Cho Train Run Over Him, 10/21/65: First responders rush Zettie Lee Rivers to the hospital after she is struck by a train at a crossing near Federal Steel Corporation. She passed away approximately an hour after the accident occurred. 
    Treasure Hunt, 10/21/65: Drilling for liquid gold on land owned by Houston Baptist College. The institution, now known as Houston Baptist University, opened in 1963.
    Baptist Coll. Hole, 10/22/65
    Station Burglary, 10/22/65: Authorities investigate a burglary at a Texaco station
    Bishop Martin, 10/22/65: Press conference with Bishop William Clyde Martin after his return from Asia. He comments on the opinion of US foreign policy abroad, particularly with regards to the Vietnam War. Martin also describes the foreign perception of anti-war demonstrations. 
    Viet Nam Doll, 10/22/65: A police officer holds up a doll
    Police Boat, 10/23/65: Law enforcement patrol Lake Houston aboard a fleet of boats