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Reaching for the Stars (1964)
Melvin Oakes
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    More about the fusion research project sponsored by the Texas Atomic Energy Research Foundation
    Laboratory complexes at the University of Texas at Austin and the General Atomic Division in San Diego, California
    The difference between fusion and fission
    Need for nuclear energy
    How to create a controlled thermonuclear reaction on Earth
    Dr. Marshall Rosenbluth, a General Atomics scientist. Following professorships at University of California San Diego and the Princeton Institute of Advanced Study, Rosenbluth joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin in 1980. He also served as director of the university's newly formed Institute of Fusion Studies.
    The gun-shot method
    Testing plasma guns
    Research conducted at the University of Texas
    On the right is Dr. Hans Schlüter, a physics professor at the University of Texas from 1961 to 1968
    Dr. Edward Creutz, a General Atomics scientist, assesses the progress made in understanding controlled fusion and its uses