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The Rosenberg Library Collection - Pageant of Pulchritude (1931)
Galveston and Texas History Center - Rosenberg Library
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    Jean and George Sealy, the children of Galveston businessman George Sealy Jr.
    The pageant begins on the grounds of Open Gates, the luxurious home of Galveston entrepreneur George Sealy and his wife, Magnolia (the parents of George Sealy Jr.)
    Miss Germany, Daisy D'Ora, also worked briefly as a silent film actress. She made her debut in Pandora's Box (1929), which received international success.
    Miss Dallas
    Beachside luncheon at what is possibly the Sportsman's Club, a short-lived local attraction
    Anita Netta Duchateau of Belgium took home the crown of Miss Universe, while Ann Lee Patterson of Northern Kentucky was awarded the title of Miss United States.