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Motiva Enterprises - Wild West Awards Video (1999)
Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum
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1999 |
| English
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    Host David Bartholdi sets up the video's theme by traveling back in time to the days of the Texas Oil Boom, a time when the ideas behind refining companies like Motiva were formed.
    Recognition for groups who scored 100 percent on their lube audits, which tests how efficiently certain pieces of refining equipment run
    Recognition for parts of the refinery that scored 90 percent or above on power efficiency
    Awards for at least 20 percent improvement in the last year concerning mechanical breakdowns and failure rates
    Awards for refinery units who exceeded their technical plans for crude throughput for the year
    Recognition for Hazmat teams and reducing environmental incidents
    A hilariously awkward bar fight scene that transitions to acknowledging Motiva's priority of safety and reducing recordable injuries
    Awards for Volunteers of the Year
    Recognition for suggestions by employees for increasing profitability, and for the 1999 Teams of Excellence
    Awards for Quarterly Housekeeping
    Award for 1999 Outstanding Unit for the Port Arthur refinery, and conclusion of reading awards and recognition 
    Another hilariously awkward scene of a staged conflict between Motiva Enterprises and other companies represented by cowboys
    Compilation of Motiva workers at meetings and in the middle of projects, smiling and waving at the camera. Some are even in Wild West costume!