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Passage to Prudhoe (1969)
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    KPRC News Director Ray Miller aboard the SS Manhattan as it navigates the Northwest Passage, a sea route to the Pacific Ocean through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
    Oil field at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
    Stanley Haas, a vice president of the Humble Oil and Refining Company and project director of the Manhattan expedition
    The SS Manhattan docks in Chester, Pennsylvania, where Humble oversaw a six-month modification program to prepare the ship for the Arctic voyage
    Colos Bennett, chief engineer of the Manhattan for Humble
    Traversing the icy waters surrounding the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
    Captain Roger Steward
    The tanker grinds to a halt in an ice flow near Viscount Melville Sound on September 8
    Haas draws conclusions from the experience
    Carl Thenemann, the Manhattan's radio officer
    The John H. MacDonald and the Northwind escort the Manhattan through the passage
    M'Clure Strait
    After stalling in an ice flow on the strait, experts strategize how to break free and backtrack to an alternate southern route
    An image of the tiger mascot for Humble's Esso and Enco regional brands adorns the Manhattan
    The Manhattan reaches open water on September 14, becoming the first commercial vessel to traverse the Northwest Passage
    Haas assesses the journey and what it means for the feasibility of the sea route
    A helicopter delivers a ceremonial barrel of crude oil for transport back to the east coast
    Humble did not seek permission from the Canadian government to traverse the Northwest Passage, arguing the route qualified as an international waterway. Prime Minster Pierre Trudeau of Canada assigned the MacDonald to assert "stewardship, if not sovereignty" over the passage, avoiding direct confrontation with the US while also establishing a strategy for de facto control based on questions of environmental protection and maritime safety regulation.