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Skylab 2 (1973)
Hardin-Simmons University Library
No Sound on Film
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    Launch of the Skylab space station atop a modified Saturn V launch vehicle on May 14, 1973
    The space station was primarily powered by arrays of solar panels extending from the Orbital Workshop and Telescope Mount
    Launch of Skylab 2, the first manned Skylab mission, on May 25, 1973
    Mission Control Center at the Johnson Space Center in Houston
    Demonstration of the collapsible parasol followed by its deployment in space
    Intravehicular activity in the Orbital Workshop
    Science Pilot Joseph Kerwin gives Commander Pete Conrad a shot
    Pilot Paul Weitz prepares a meal
    Conrad and Kerwin go for a space walk in an attempt to free the jammed solar panel. The sudden deployment of the array caused both astronauts to be flung from the Skylab hull, testing the strength of their safety tethers. 
    Playing in zero gravity
    Conrad and Weitz get dressed for extravehicular activity before they make further exterior repairs to the Skylab space station
    Undocking from Skylab
    Splashdown in Pacific Ocean on June 22, 1973