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Progress Report Austin: The Legends of Austin 2
Gordon Wilkison
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Congress Avenue
    Paramount Theatre
    Moonlight towers
    Goddess of Liberty
    Texas A+M
    Austin public high schools
    Pease Elementary School
    John T. Allen
    Chisholm Trail, Peter Preston Ackley
    Montopolis Bridge
    Millett Opera House
    6th street, Hennings building
    F.M. Beaty's Carriage Repository
    Avenue Hotel
    Martin and Martin Opera House bar
    Driskill Hotel
    West 29th Street, c. 1931
    Achillies Store, 16th and Guadalupe, c. 1932
    Goodman Store, c. 1932
    Lamar Boulevard, c. 1941
    6th and Congress, c. 1942
    Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, c. 1934
    Mrs. Jacob (Martha) Bickler
    Captain Frank Hawks, Mayor Tom Miller, Max Bickler, Nov. 1935
    Governor James V. Allred
    Postman Ray Lee, February 6, 1940
    Austin trolley Cars, c. 1905
    Hyde Park trolley, c. 1880s
    First trolley across Congress Ave. bridge, Dec. 2, 1910
    Dismantling trolley tracks, May 27, 1940
    Last trolleys on main line, February 7, 1940
    New buses in Austin
    Austin on Circus day
    President McKinley visit, parade
    Austin, c. 1887
    Market house, fire station, city hall, c. 1898
    Austin courthouse, c. 1900
    Old courthouse demolished, 3rd and Guadalupe, August 1932
    New Travis County courthouse, c. 1932
    Travis County courthouse, c. 1942
    New Federal building groundbreaking, 8th and Colorado, March 17, 1934
    Congressman James Buchanan, photograph taken by LBJ, c. 1935
    Joe Mackey, September, 1935
    New Federal building, 8th and Lavaca, February 22, 1936
    Gov. James V. Allred swearing in ceremony, Coke Stevenson
    Gov. Lee O. Daniel
    Snow at the Texas state captial, January 22, 1940
    Homes of governors: Elisha M. Pease, Allan Shivers, Edmund J. Davis, Joseph D. Sayers, Andrew J. Hamilton, Oran M. Roberts
    Mrs. Miriam A. "Ma" Ferguson
    Jay Nottington, the Horrells and Higgins feud
    Sam Bass, Bill Longley
    Austin Chamber of Commerce
    Paramount Theatre