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Grand Jury Investigation into the Death of José Campos Torres (1977)
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    Houston Police Chief B. G. "Pappy" Bond holds a press conference in his office. Bond resigned months later after only serving a year. 
    Defense attorney Bob Bennett and his client, Terry Denson, exit the courtroom to deliver comments to the press. Defense attorney Mike Ramsey and his client, Steven Orlando, follow.
    Reporters interview Harris County District Attorney Carol Vance
    Divers search the depths of Buffalo Bayou for Torres' wallet
    Protests outside the Harris County Courthouse
    Chief Bond comments on the function of the Civilian Review Board. While Bond says that he "cannot create a police review board," the Houston Police Department established the Internal Affairs Division soon after Torres' death to investigate police misconduct. 
    Retracing Torres' final steps
    Assistant District Attorney Ted Poe talks about coordination between the District Attorney's Office and the grand jury. Poe served as a chief felony prosecutor for eight years before being appointed a state district judge in 1981. Sentencing offenders to perform humiliating tasks like shoveling manure, he became known as the "King of Shame." In 2004, Poe was elected to the United States House of Representatives, serving for 14 years.
    Chief Bond introduces possible disciplinary action against the offending officers through the civil service law
    KPRC reporter Don Shelby speculates on the possibility of a second assault on Torres in between the time when officers brought him to the jail and when he ended up in the bayou