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The Ron and Joanna Clark Collection - State Representative Candidate Debate (1996)
Joanna Clark
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2001 |
| English
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    Channel 12 News Director Ellen Sawko introduces a debate for the position of State Representative for District 62
    Matt Deringer of the Herald Democrat begins
    Candidate Ron Clark discusses campaign reform
    State Representative Roger Sanders discusses campaign reform
    Sawko asks each candidate about the key issues facing the residents of District 62
    Deringer introduces the topic of juvenile crime prevention
    Sawko questions Clark about his position on truth and sentencing
    The candidates speak on tort reform
    Sanders explains his support of tax relief
    Clark discusses his opinions of education reform, specifically regarding standardized testing
    Deringer introduces the topic of term limits
    Sawko asks about total competition and deregulation of public utilities
    Deringer asks both candidates the final question
    Closing statements