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Texas Game Warden (c. 1972)
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
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c. 1972 |
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    The game wardens sit around and talk about the early days of being warden and starting salaries. 
    Game warden tell stories about being on the job
    Welcoming new recruits 
    Elements of the training program: physical exercise, biology, law enforcement training, and hand to hand combat.
    The care and use of firearms 
    Learning how to keep proper records and educating the public
    Enforcing the Water Safety Act; patrolling Texas water to check for water safety requirements
    Training during a real fire emergency
    The role of game wardens in helping Texas enjoy our natural resources
    Game wardens protect us against illegal fishing
    A game warden's dinner with his family is interrupted by work. He heads out to apprehend illegal deer hunters in a car chase. 
    Game wardens sit around the fire and talk again; conclusion