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R.H. Burton Geophysics Films (1931-1953)
Bettie G. Burton
1931 - 1953
Color & B/W
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    Here a geophysical crew member is burying a geophone which is a seismic detector. Next a dynamite charge is set off which generates shock waves that are reflected from sub-surface formations and detected by the geophones which send them to a seismograph to be recorded on photographic paper. These records were then used to create maps giving explorers for oil a picture of underground formations.
    Man sliding on ice is A. P. "Tony" Mehringer.
    Here R. H. Burton is using a hand-crank to run the recording paper through the seismograph.
    Tony Mehringer is seen here running toward the camera.
    Crew member here is burying the dynamite.
    R. H. Burton at right in white shirt and tie is examining the record.
    Location of this footage is an area near Monahans, Texas, which is now part of the Sandhills State Park.
    There wasn't always a windmill tower that could be used in surveying, so Burton built this portable folding tower.
    Crew member laying geophone cable.
    Beginning of Burton Exploration Company
    Drilling of the discovery well for the Headlee Field in Ector County, near Odessa, Texas.