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Selena National Casting Call, San Antonio - Raw Footage (1996)
Fred Miller
English and Spanish
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    UNKNOWN: I'm not sure how much I weigh?
    MOM: Your height, your height is maybe about 3 '11.
    UNKNOWN: I think I am about 4 feet.
    INTERVIEWER: Ok, tell me your name.
    GEORGEANNE: Georgeanne Flores.
    INTERVIEWER: And why are you here today?
    GEORGEANNE: Well I was going to see if I could be one of the prospectives for Selena in the movie honoring her life and her achievements and it means a lot to me that just being able to be here to audition because to me we represent who she was and what she did for us so I mean it would mean a lot to me if I could be considered for the part.
    INTERVIEWER:  How old are you Georgeanne?
    GEORGEANNE: I am 19.
    INTERVIEWER: And what do you think your chances are?
    GEORGEANNE: Um, I think I have a pretty good shot, I mean, a lot of the girls do depending on, there's different qualities that each girl possesses like I mean they were asking for acting ability and dancing and different things like that and personally I think each girl has a fair shot, and I mean of course I hope I do a little better than the rest but…
    INTERVIEWER: Why do you want to be in the movie, tell me why you are here?
    GEORGEANNE: It would be an honor to me to represent her, and I mean other than that it's not really for personal gain or fame or anything like that, it's just a chance to have much an honor to rep someone who is great as she is.
     INTERVIEWER: Were you like a big fan of her when she was alive?
    GEORGEANNE: Yeah, I still am.
    INTERVIEWER: What did you particularly like about her?
    GEORGEANNE: The image that she represented for the Hispanic youth and also for the women she was, the kind of person, she wasn't afraid to be who she was and wasn't afraid of her heritage and she wasn't ashamed of who she was or where she came from and that means a lot to us because there are very few Hispanic role models now and you know, even though she is no longer with us, she is a very important part of who we are and what Hispanics represent.
    INTERVIEWER: Are you amazed by how many people are here?
    GEORGEANNE: Actually, no I am not. No, because anywhere she went or anywhere that has anything to do with Selena there was always a tremendous turnout, so I mean it's about a fair amount of what I expected.
    INTERVIEWER: Have you been watching the crowd for the other hot possibilities, the competition?
    GEORGEANNE: Uh, admiring other girls and the things they came up with and you know a lot of the personalities really match what she was and it's just amazing to see that many people admire her.
    INTERVIEWER: So when you get in there, what are you gonna tell them about why you should get the part?
    GEORGEANNE: Well, I've already been auditioned and everything and they just wanted to know about your past history and what your involvement was with her and if you can act, and basic stuff like that, so hopefully I'll make it to the second call.
    INTERVIEWER: When is the second call?
    GEORGEANNE: They haven't told us that yet it'll probably be after the Chicago casting call.
    INTERVIEWER: Great, thanks I appreciate it.
    GEORGEANNE: Thank you.
    INTERVIEWER: Tell me your name.
    BRIDGETTE: Bridgette Martinez.
    INTERVIEWER: And why are you here today, Bridgette?
    BRIDGETTE: I am here to impersonate Selena, I always wanted to be a singer, and I love to dance and sing and I guess this is my opportunity, but it's kind of difficult because there's a lot of girls in there that look like her. So I guess this is my chance or not.
    INTERVIEWER: Is this especially important because this is about Selena?
    BRIDGETTE: Well this is important to me because well, I want to make a career for myself and also because I love the way she sings and dances and all that.
    INTERVIEWER: And I noticed that there are so many people here today, just, do you think this says something about how important Selena was in this town and all over this state?
    BRIDGETTE: Well, I guess, I don't know their opinions, but I know my opinion I love her, I love her dancing, her music, and all that and I just want to be the same.
    INTERVIEWER: What do you think your chances are?
    BRIDGETTE: Well, I think  my chances are good, but I don't know, but I don't know, it's difficult to say.
    INTERVIEWER: Because there are so many people?
    BRIDGETTE: Well there's so many people, and there's are lots of women who look like her.
    INTERVIEWER: And have you already been in?
    BRIDGETTE: I've already been in
    INTERVIEWER: And what did they tell you?
    BRIDGETTE: Well some girls they were taking pictures of me and asking me for my autograph and I was so surprised and I didn't know what to do, I still gave them my autograph and I took pictures with them and everything.
    INTERVIEWER: And how old are you?
    BRIDGETTE:  Fourteen.
    INTERVIEWER: Are you from here in town?
    BRIDGETTE:  Yes, I'm from San Antonio.
    INTERVIEWER: Ok, Great thank you.
    BRIDGETTE:  You're welcome.
    INTERVIEWER: Tell me your name.
    NAVID: Navid.
    NAVID: Navid.
    INTERVIEWER: And what's your last name?
    NAVID: Flores.
    INTERVIEWER: And how old are you?
    NAVID: 8… and a half.
    INTERVIEWER: (Chuckles) And why are you here today?
    NAVID: So I can be in the movie.
    INTERVIEWER: And why do you wanna be in the movie?
    NAVID: Because Selena is a very pretty girl and I wanna know about her.
    INTERVIEWER: So are you excited, are you happy to be here?
    NAVID: Mm-hmm.
    INTERVIEWER: And what are you gonna do when you get in there, what will you tell them?
    NAVID: That I wanna be in the movie.
    INTERVIEWER: Were you a big Selena fan?
    NAVID: Mm-hmm.
    INTERVIEWER: And why did you like her?
    NAVID: Because she is nice and I like the way she sings.
    INTERVIEWER: So were you real sad when she died?
    NAVID: Yes.
    INTERVIEWER: And how do you feel about her? Tell me how you feel about Selena.
    NAVID: Um, I feel proud about her and I miss her.
    INTERVIEWER: Yeah, are you excited about your chance to be in the movie?
    NAVID: Yeah.
    INTERVIEWER: Great, thank you.
    INTERVIEWER: Tell me your name
    NATALIE:  Natalie
    INTERVIEWER: Natalie what?
    NATALIE:  Gonzalez
    INTERVIEWER: And how old are you?
    NATALIE: Ten
    INTERVIEWER: And why are you here today Natalie?
    NATALIE:  To see if I can get the part of Selena.
    INTERVIEWER: And why do you wanna do that?
    NATALIE:  Because I , uh, because I think she was real nice and I think it would be fun to get the part of her
    INTERVIEWER: Are you surprised there are so many people here today?
    NATALIE:  Uh-huh.
    INTERVIEWER: And why are they are all here?
    NATALIE:  Because they uh, like Selena a lot and wanna see if they can get the part of Selena?
    INTERVIEWER: And how did you feel about Selena?
    NATALIE:  I thought she was real nice and kind and, um, I don't know I don't know nothing, I thought she was real nice.
    INTERVIEWER: what will you tell them when you get in there about why you should get the part?
    NATALIE:  Umm, well I can
    INTERVIEWER: Like what will you say to them if they say "Natalie why should we pick you?" What will you say?
    Mom: Say because I just like her.
    NATALIE:  Because I just like her and listen to her music mostly every day.
    INTERVIEWER: Ok, thank you.
    [Casting staff member speaks to those in line]
    CSM: From 8 to 12, from 8 to 14, and 14 to 21. Do you have a photo? Take a look at this, ma'am, Do you have your paperwork ready and *IN SPANISH*
    INTERVIEWER: Tell me your name.
    CLARY: My name is Clary.
    INTERVIEWER: Spell it for me.
    CLARY: C-L-A-R-Y.
    INTERVIEWER: And your last name?
    CLARY: My name is Escovel.
    INTERVIEWER: With a b or a v?
    CLARY: With a v as in Victor.
    INTERVIEWER: And how old are you?
    CLARY: I am 23.
    INTERVIEWER: And so uh why are you here today?
    CLARY: Well I am casting for a part for Selena's movie.
    INTERVIEWER: And why, why would you wanna do that?
    CLARY: Well let's see why, the why is very just uh, I'm just here like every other girl if I make it that's great, if  don't that's fine, at least I tried and gave it my best shot. And also the final decision is the family's decision, so that's very important. This is just something that everybody needs, it was a great loss and everyone needs something to get back into their daily routines and this was an important person that we just lost, Selena was very important to the Hispanic industry. 
    INTERVIEWER: Are you getting that feeling from everyone today, that it's not so much a competition it's that everyone wanting to do some kind of honoring thing?
    CLARY: Actually I think it is, it's a very good honoring thing about this I don't think it so much it's a competition, because I've heard a lot of girls in the lines that it was many just a mainly just if you made it great, if not, it was not about competition, it was just about if you looked like, any similarities about her.
    INTERVIEWER: Yeah most people will say they have a very personal feeling about Selena, how did you feel about?
    CLARY: Well I have a very very warm feeling about Selena, she was a very great person to me.
    INTERVIEWER: Do you think about her a lot inside still?
    CLARY: I think we all do, I mostly focus on my life but she was a very missed person, I missed a lot. I will miss her a lot.
    INTERVIEWER: Thank you.
    CLARY: Thank you, buh-bye.
    INTERVIEWER: You just pick any song you like and sing, and don't be nervous alright?
    MOM: Just a little bit, just sing a tiny bit.
    SHY GIRL: Ok, I, uh don't know which song.
    SHY GIRL: I don't know which song.
    SHY GIRL: I don't know which song.
    MOM: Any one.
    INTERVIEWER: Just pick your favorite one and give me a little bit of it.
    MOM: *In Spanish*
    SHY GIRL: La gusta.
    INTERVIEWER: That's cool, you're fine.
    SHY GIRL: I can't think of one.
    MOM: Just pretend you're at home, don't be nervous!
    SHY GIRL: I can't think of one.
    INTERVIEWER: Don't be nervous! We're all friends here
    MOM: Just sing a little bit or dance a little bit.
    SHY GIRL: Como a…
    SHY GIRL: It's like, I dunno.
    MOM: Nobody's watching anyway! Just act like nobody's watching you.
    SHY GIRL: I can't, I dunno.
    MOM: You're gonna regret you didn't dance!
    SHY GIRL: *Starts singing* hold on, there's a song uh…. La flora….I can't.
    MOM: Louder! You can't hear that!
    SHY GIRL: I'm going to sing like the middle of *indistinct*
    MOM: Ok, great, whatever.
    INTERVIEWER: Ok, great.
    SHY GIRL: *Sings in Spanish*
    INTERVIEWER: Ok, thank you!
    INTERVIEWER: How old are you, Julie?
    JULIE: Eight.
    INTERVIEWER: Ok, go ahead.
    JULIE: Right now?
    JULIE: *Sings*
    JULIE: I only know a little bit of it.
     INTERVIEWER: Abraham, explain to me the process of what's going on here today and how this casting is going.
    ABRAHAM QUINTANILLA: Well uh, as you can see besides the part that this a very successful casting audition, I was told this morning there were over 45,000 calls on the 800 number, the casting would be divided in 4 cities, today's the first one, San Antonio, tomorrow will be Miami, Los Angeles, and on the 23 rdwill be Chicago, so we are really really surprised at the turnout today.
    INTERVIEWER: What specifically are you looking for? I know you looking for different age girls.
    ABRAHAM QUINTANILLA: They are looking for a girl to play Selena from the ages of 6-10 and then from 18 to uh, to the time she died.
    INTERVIEWER: How did it make you feel that so many turned out for this?
    ABRAHAM QUINTANILLA: Well I have uh, definitely, uh, mixed emotions. I just wish that this wasn't happening, that Selena would be here, but of course, that's impossible, so I uh, have mixed emotions.
    INTERVIEWER: What have people been saying to you today, I know a lot of people have been walking up to you and talking to you, what kind of things have they  been telling you?
    ABRAHAM QUINTANILLA: Everybody, you know, basically is saying the same thing, almost word for word, they uh, give us their condolences, they tell us even if they are not chosen for the movie that they just wanna be a part of this, they want to be here for this.
    INTERVIEWER: Tell me about the movie how that's gonna go, I know you're looking for more of a celebration of life than a thing about Selena's death. Tell me what the movie is gonna be like?
    ABRAHAM QUINTANILLA: I think this movie is a movie for all races, uh its' a movie about family, and we know the family is universal. It's gonna be about a struggle to achieve the American dream. Selena in her pursuit of this dream had a lot of hardships at the beginning, and of course, we know what happened in the end, unfortunately she had a tragic ending. Of course, we're not going to touch on the tragedy, it will be a positive movie that anybody can relate to.
    INTERVIEWER: I know you know lately there's been a lot stories in TV and magazines about different things going on in the family, does that make it all the more important  for this movie that you get to tell your story?
    ABRAHAM QUINTANILLA: Definitely, definitely because you know I have been a little uh, unhappy with uh the , I'm not saying all the media, there's a lot of responsible journalists out there, like you my friend…Also, there are a lot of responsible journalists that will take something, as you know there are always two sides to every story and instead of coming to us and asking us for our side, they'll run with it and spread it all over the world like its God's truth you know and we feel offended by this.
    INTERVIEWER: From the very beginning we first talked about this  movie so many months ago now, I got the feeling that this really a labor of love for ya'll to give something back to Selena. Is that they way you and your family and all of your friends look at this?
    ABRAHAM QUINTANILLA: Yes. Definitely, definitely, Selena was a great person, she was a very caring person and I want her,  uh, memory to live on, I want to let the world know, or the world that didn't know Selena to know what kind of person she was. We live in a time where there is a lot of uh, evil things going on, we definitely need to bring this to the forefront to help people understand that there is a good side of life.
    INTERVIEWER: How excited are you to have Greg Nava on this project?
    ABRAHAM QUINTANILLA: Very, very excited. Greg is a great person, I mean from day one when we thought about the movie, he was the choice.
    INTERVIEWER: Now I know you have got the script and are casting now, how soon are looking to start shooting?
    ABRAHAM QUINTANILLA: We're looking at April to start filming with a delivery date in the latter part of November or the early part of December
    INTERVIEWER: Thank you, appreciate that.
    ABRAHAM QUINTANILLA: Thank you, sir.