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The Rosenberg Library Collection - Six Flags Over Texas (1965)
Galveston and Texas History Center - Rosenberg Library
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    Opening in 1963, El Aserradero was the first ever log flume ride in the world. Still in operation today, it has become the fourth oldest attraction in the park.
    Casa Magnetica and Six Flags Railroad
    Spee-Lunker's Cave closed in 1991. 
    The Crazy Horse Saloon, still in operation, is the oldest theater in the park
    Chaparral Antique Cars and Overland Butterfield Stagecoach
    Ferrocarril Fiesta Train and Astro-Lift
    Humble's Happy Motoring Freeway and the Animal Kingdom
    La Salle's River Adventure and Caddo War Canoes
    Beginning with Disneyland in 1955, amusement parks shifted away from public or municipal spaces to privately owned, suburban parks, thereby reinforcing social, economic, and racial divisions. Scholars such as Victoria Wolcott argue that, rather than impose an official policy of segregation similar to other Texas parks, Six Flags supported racial exclusivity through its themed inclusion of a Confederacy section.
    Skull Island
    Sky Hook