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Football - Raiders vs. Oilers
The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
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    Quarterback Daryle Lamonica, Oakland Raiders
    Quarterback Pete Beathard, Houston Oilers
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    Oakland at Houston and the first half action finds the Raiders scuffling for yardage.  Quarterback Daryle Lamonica's pass is intercepted by Webster, who brings it back to the Oilers' 40 yard line.
    Houston's Pete Beathard throws to Woody Campbell for a 32 yard pickup.  A Raider victory will give them  the AFL's Western Division title and they'd like to settle the question here.
    Beathard passes again and is on target to Hoyle Granger who goes over standing up to make it 7-nothing Oilers.
    The tide turns in the second half.  Conners intercepts for the Raiders who largely control the ball form here on in.
    Lamonica hands off to Hewritt Dixon who goes 27 yards for the td.  George Blanda kicks four field goals, and the 19-7 Raiders' win makes them the western champs.