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Reality Bites: Interview with Ethan Hawke (1993)
Jim Ruddy
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  • Highlights
    Hawke discusses what drew him to the role
    Ruddy asks how Reality Bites reflects today's society
    Hawke talks about the Reparation Genteration
    Hawke discusses his dark character in the film
    Ruddy asks about the audience takeaway
    Hawke tells the story of how he met Ben Stiller
    Ruddy asks what is like to work with Winona
    Hawke talks about working with Ben Stiller
    Hawke talks about being a romantic lead
    Hawke on playing a "deadbeat grunge"
    Ruddy asks how does this role fits with Hawke's career
    Hawke discusses making a comedy
    Hawke talks about his future stage work in New York