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Texas - Troubled Times in the Southwest
The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
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    Farmers bringing water in by truck
    Water sold from coin-operated towers in Stonewall, TX
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    Mother Nature creates a more serious situation in Texas and parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, and Colorado.
    A six month drought kills off cattle and ruins crops.
    The critical need for water makes it necessary for the farmers to truck the precious liquid to their herds. 
    At Stonewall, Texas, the city sells water from these coin operated towers, thus current increasing expenses are added to past due feed bills.
    Empty stock pens testify to the dreadful loss already sustained by the ranchers.
    The last rain, a little over one inch feel here in September.
    Further setbacks come next month when calves are sold at a loss.
    Troubled times in the Southwest.