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Houston Mass Murders (1973)
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    Henley uses the radio telephone in a KPRC-TV news car to call his mother. The dramatic footage was picked up by NBC Nightly News that evening. 
    Search for bodies buried at a storage shed in Houston. The remains of 17 victims were ultimately found there. 
    The search continues in the woods near Lake Sam Rayburn in Jasper County. An additional four victims were found at the location. 
    Elmer Wayne Henley and David Owen Brooks, another accomplice, lead authorities to another burial site on High Island Beach in Galveston County, where a further six bodies were found. 
    Funeral for 15-year-old William Ray Lawrence. Brooks was ultimately indicted on four murders, but only brought to trial for Lawrence’s. He was convicted on March 3, 1975, and sentenced to life in prison. He died in custody of COVID-19 complications on May 28, 2020.