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Franklin Mountains and Dedication Ceremony - The Film & Video Archive of the McDonald Observatory (1939)
McDonald Observatory, UT Austin
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    Franklin Mountains
    Overlooking El Paso from the Rim Road scenic drive
    Plaza outside  the El Paso County Courthouse
    El Paso and Southeastern Railroad
    Across the border in Juarez, Mexico
    Mexican officers at the border crossing on the Santa Fe Bridge
    The Rio Grande
    Back in Texas
    Limpia Canyon
    McDonald Observatory at the top of Mount Locke
    Press gather for the dedication of McDonald Observatory on May 5, 1939
    Chuckwagon feed for everybody
    McDonald Observatory Director Otto Struve with the meal’s chef
    The telescope. The Warner & Swasey Company of Cleveland, Ohio, constructed the telescope. It was renamed the Otto Struve Telescope in 1966 in honor of the observatory’s first director.
    Girl Scouts and sponsors from Iraann, Texas, arrived a day late and found themselves locked out