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Ranch-O-Twirl! (1962)
Jones Film and Video Collection, Southern Methodist University
  • Highlights
    An acrobatic soloist, Wanda Henry (née Smith) begins the film
    A group routine by twirlers from Robert E. Lee High School in San Antonio
    Sisters Sandra Smith on far left and Wanda Henry (née Smith) in front
    Wanda was the featured twirler at Trinity University in 1963, and Sandra was the featured twirler at Southern Methodist University in 1965
    Group twirling by the pool
    Twirling instructor and National Baton Twirling Association judge Pat Dunn
    Another soloist practices her moves
    A quick swim break!
    The group performances set to music begin
    A group twirls to "The Stripper," a huge hit for the David Rose Orchestra in 1962
    A soloist returns to perform her routine with music
    A very young soloist impresses the audience
    The man himself, Woody Woodard, shows off his skills!
    Into the pool!
    The last young soloist