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Freethought Forum: Stonewall Riots and LGBTQ Pride (1992)
Happy Foundation
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    The guests share their impressions of the Stonewall riots
    Gerald Alves explains the role of the Lesbian/Gay Rights Lobby of Texas. The group is now known as Equality Texas. 
    Kay Ford comments on the case of Mica England, who a court ruled was wrongfully denied a job with the Dallas Police Department after saying she was a lesbian
    Ford describes the origin and function of the San Antonio Lesbian Gay Assembly, or SALGA
    Steve Bailey details efforts to impose conservative ideology in the granting of NEA funding 
    The panel discusses the controversial action of publicly outing a person as LGBTQ without their consent
    Gene Elder talks with Ford about the military's policy of discharging LGBTQ service members. On December 21, 1993, 18 months after this conversation, the Department of Defense issued Directive 1304.26. Instituted by the Clinton Administration on February 28, 1994, the official US policy prohibited discrimination against closeted LGBTQ service members and applicants but barred openly LGBTQ persons from military service. "Don't ask, don't tell," as it was commonly known, remained in effect until September 20, 2011. 
    Bailey describes how the San Antonio Lesbian and Gay Media Project has monitored local newspaper coverage of the LGBTQ community