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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, January 21 - February 1, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Boat Show Closes, 01/28/68: The Houston International Boat, Sport and Travel Show ends a nine-day run at the Astro Hall. Organizers estimated an attendance of 300,000 people. The Astro Hall, later renamed Reliant Hall, was demolished in 2002 to make room for additional parking at the NRG Arena. 
    Onlookers flock to the Mermaid Dip, a dunk tank attraction sponsored by daytime sports radio station KIKK
    Tape Report on Airport, 01/30/68: An official itemizes the basis for overtime pay during the construction of Houston Intercontinental Airport. The airport was originally scheduled to open in April 1967. Disputes over the delay became a major headache for the Houston City Council. The airport, now known as George Bush Intercontinental Airport, eventually opened in June 1969. 
    Hospital Rap, 01/30/68: A KHOU reporter comments on the sudden closure of the Southern Pacific Hospital. Established in 1910, the 125-bed facility served Southern Pacific Railroad employees in Texas and Louisiana. Today, the building houses the Thomas Street Health Center, a freestanding HIV/AIDS clinic. 
    Hospital administrator A. B. Satterwhite explains what will happen to the facility's patients and 123 employees 
    Police Awards, 01/30/68: Law enforcement officials attend an awards ceremony
    Leach on Korea Brother, 01/26/68: A KHOU reporter speaks with the brother of Navy signalman Wendell Leach following his capture by North Korean forces. On January 23, North Korean sub chasers and torpedo boats intercepted the USS Pueblo, a Navy intelligence vessel. One crewmen was killed in the attack, while the other 82 were taken prisoner and moved to camps. The crewmen spent 11 months in captivity before the United States and North Korea negotiated a settlement for their release on December 23. The Pueblo stayed in North Korea, and is currently on display at the Pyongyang Victorious War Museum. 
    Boat Show, 01/21/68: Touring the boats on display at the Houston International Boat, Sport and Travel Show 
    Connally on Korea, 01/31/68: Texas Governor John Connally condemns the capture of the Pueblo crew and defends the vessel's right to sail in international waters 
    McLemore on Court Rulings, 01/31/68: A law enforcement official comments on the effects of a recent United States Supreme Court ruling. On January 28, the court ruled 7-1 that while federal laws requiring bookies to register and pay special taxes were constitutional, using the related information to prosecute someone violated his or her 5th Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. In other words, state and local law enforcement could not use information obtained as a consequence of the federal laws as evidence against bookies operating in areas where gambling was illegal. (At the time, Nevada was the only state without broad prohibitions against gambling.) 
    Judge Harris Retires, 01/31/68: Judge Harris receives a television set as a going-away present at his courtroom retirement party
    Mayor on Bonds, 02/01/68: Houston Mayor Louie Welch announces a survey of bond programs that could proceed without an election
    Baytown Killers Caught, 02/01/68: Harris County deputies take accused murderers Arliss James Huffman and Gladys Ella Prather into custody. On January 27, Baytown hotel owner Harry S. Creger was found strangled and stabbed to death in his apartment. With Creger's billfold, a gold watch, and a gold diamond ring missing, police believed robbery to be the motive. Investigations into stolen personal checks, reported by Creger the previous week, led Baytown detectives to Huffman and Prather. The Houston couple had previously worked for Creger and reportedly quarreled with the victim the morning of his murder about the missing checks. Police arrested Huffman on January 29 and Prather the following day. Both admitted to forging checks, but denied involvement in Creger's murder. Detectives found the stolen watch and ring in a search of the couple's apartment. A Harris County grand jury indicted Huffman and Prather for murder on March 21. At trial, Prather turned state's evidence and testified against Huffman. He was convicted on October 17 and sentenced to death. 
    City Aviator on Blimp, 01/30/68: An aviation expert expresses his concern about locating a blimp base in too close proximity to the still-under-construction Houston Intercontinental Airport. At the time, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was considering the Houston area as the site for its next blimp facility. Despite this expert's misgivings, the company announced in July its plans to construct a 30-acre base near Spring. The facility, completed in late 1969, served as the home of the airship America, then the largest blimp in the Goodyear fleet. 
    Blimp, 01/31/68: A Goodyear blimp flies over Miami. The blimp's pilot then explains that he has experienced no issues operating the airship near the Miami International Airport.