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St. Edward's University Archives - MAPP/ESTIMA Outtakes (1981)
St. Edward's University
Silent |
1981 |
| N/A
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    Moving into the dorm
    A groovy campus dance
    Professor lecturing to the students
    A jewelry making class
    Enjoying a meal outside
    An animated audience cheers on the sack race
    Barbecue buffet line
    Aerial footage from the Astro-Lift at AstroWorld. Opening on June 1, 1968, AstroWorld was built as part of the Astrodomain, a development complex owned by former Houston Mayor Roy Hofheinz. Six Flags bought the park in 1975, operating it until its closure in 2005.
    Bamboo Shoot water ride
    Texas Cyclone roller coaster
    Holding all the stuffed puppy prizes
    Certificate presentation for MAPP/ESTIMA students