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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, November 8-16, 1965
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Fish Kill, 11/08/65: Water pollution kills a man's catch
    School Bd, 11/09/65: A citizens group petitions the Houston Independent School District Board of Education to televise its meetings 
    Elephant, 11/10/65: Baylor College of Medicine researchers and students run electrocardiogram tests on an elephant
    Hebbel Hoff, Chairman of the Department of Physiology at Baylor, describes the merit of the study
    KHOU reporter Nick French asks Dr. Leslie Geddes how he adapted the EKG equipment for use on an elephant
    Carswell, 11/10/65: Court proceedings for a lawsuit filed against Jack Carswell, director of Jack Carswell and Co. Funeral Directors of Houston
    Layin, 11/10/65: Students administer an elephant EKG
    Chlorine Barge, 11/12/65: Army Engineers use a waterborne crane to lift a sunken barge from the depths of the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The vessel sank after it was ripped loose from its moorings during Hurricane Betsy on September 10. The incident prompted an extensive search by Army, Navy, and civilian divers. The barge was loaded with 600 tones of chlorine, enough to kill an estimated 40,000 people should the chemical be accidentally released. Shipping traffic was halted on the river until the barge was found on September 16. The lifting operation took less than two hours, after which the barge was floated to the Wyandotte Chemical plant of Geismar.
    Mansell, 11/13/65: Walter Mansell, political editor for the Houston Chronicle, recovers from an attack at the Polly Ryon Hospital in Richmond. On the morning of November 12, a large man approached Mansell in the garage of his home. After assaulting him, the perpetrator drove Mansell to an open field west of Rosenburg, where he left him bound and gagged. A rancher found Mansell the next afternoon. Investigators could not immediately determine a motive.
    A detective searches for clues in the field where Mansell was found
    Graham, 11/16/65: At a press conference with Billy Graham, the Christian evangelist criticizes protesters of the Vietnam War, claiming that the burning of draft cards "borders on treason." Graham launched a 10-day crusade, or evangelistic campaign, in Houston in November 1965. President Lyndon B. Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird, attended the final service on November 28. Graham was a close friend of and counselor to the Johnsons, becoming the de-factor White House pastor following the 1964 presidential election.