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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, March 19 - 31, 1968
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
Color & B/W
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    West Loop Freeway Opens, 03/19/68: Residents celebrate the opening of the Katy Freeway, a segment of Interstate 10 connecting Houston to Katy
    Mayor on Tax Increase, 03/19/68: KHOU reporter Ron Pierce asks Houston Mayor Louie Welch about possible changes to tax assessment rates
    S.W. Sports Show, 03/19/68: On the floor of the Southwest Sports Show, including displays of fishing lures and archery equipment
    Welch on Engineers, 03/25/68: Mayor Welch comments on his government's effort to distribute contracts across 50 different engineering firms, in contrast with the previous administration's issuing of a majority of contracts to just four firms
    Fatal [], 03/27/68: Law enforcement on the scene of a fatal traffic collision
    NASA Clock, 03/27/68
    Cops Kop Kopter, 03/27/68: Police officials test a new department helicopter
    City Council on Wrecker, 03/27/68: The Houston City Council meets to discuss the creation of a board, possibly to oversee the management of tow trucks
    Belford [sic] on Gold Sale, 03/25/68: A Balfour executive comments on the company's need to buy gold on the open market due to an influx of gold sales in the European market. The gold rush resulted from Italy's defection from the seven-nation international gold pool. Balfour is a jewelry company headquartered in Austin that specializes in the production of high school, college, military, and championship rings.
    Sons of Herman Fire, 03/31/68: Firefighters respond to a house fire
    Flying Woman, 03/31/68
    Goodwill Ind., 03/31/68: Tour of a Goodwill facility
    March of Dimes, 03/31/68: Volunteers collect funds for the March of Dimes organization
    Missing Fisherman, 03/26/68: The Matagorda County Sheriff's deputies continue the search for two missing Houston men whose motor boat was found capsized in Matagordo Bay on March 23
    Cuney [sic] on Human Relations vs. Principals Assn., 03/26/68: Fred Cuny, chairman of the education committee of the Houston Council on Human Relations, addresses segregation complaints lodged against the Houston Elementary Principals Association. African-American principals informed the council that they were being excluded from the local association. The issue prompted days of picketing at the national convention of the Department of Elementary School Principals, for which the local group's president served as an official host. Both the Texas Elementary Supervisors Association and the Texas State Teachers Association disaffiliated the Houston Elementary Principals Association for practicing segregation. The group announced it would vote on an integration proposal on May 16.