Footage of a San Antonio City Council meeting with the producers of the movie, "Living the Life"
Unedited KPRC-TV news coverage about the debate surrounding Dr. Nikki Van Hightower as Women's Advocate
Unedited interviews with members of the Austin City Council about a lawsuit against changes to their election process
Episode of a WBAP-TV series about a proposed bond election regarding the expansion of the Fort Worth Public Library
KHOU news clips from May and June 1962, including news segments about trade restrictions against Cuba and a budget crisis
KHOU news clips from April 1963, including interviews with Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona and Texas State Representative J. D. Weldon
KHOU news clips from December 1964, including segments about a Texas A&M University research vessel and the Battleship Texas
KHOU news clips from May and June 1965, including segments about two of Houston's most notable murder investigations