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The White Island (1963)
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1963 |
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    About Padre Island
    The Karankawa people comprised several nomadic groups, including the Kohanis, Cocos, Capoques, and Copanes. They primarily lived along what is now the Texas coast between Galveston Bay and Corpus Christi Bay. Contrary to Ray Miller's narration, the Karankawa settled on Padre Island after being driven from their native lands by Anglo settlers in the 1800s. From 1825 to 1827, a volunteer militia commissioned by Stephen F. Austin killed Karankawa found east of the Guadalupe River. Such attacks, along with European diseases, caused the indigenous population to swiftly dwindle. Ethnologist Albert Gatschet could find no living Karanawa by 1891. 
    On the development of a national seashore
    Features of the Padre Island landscape
    The SS Nicaragua, a cargo ship run aground at the Devil's Elbow on October 16, 1912
    Recreational opportunities
    Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas talks to Miller about the park's ecological and recreational importance. Yarborough introduced the Congressional bill about designating Padre Island as a national seashore in 1958. The public largely sided with his argument for preservation, giving him the nickname, "the People's Senator."  
    Accommodations in nearby Corpus Christi
     Access through Port Isabel to South Padre Island
    Proximity to Brownsville and its sister city, Matamoros, Mexico