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Press Conference about Moody Park Riot (1978)
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    Houston Mayor Jim McConn praises the actions of police officers the previous night. McConn served as mayor of Houston from 1978 to 1982. 
    Caldwell comments on the media representation of the event
    Houston Police Chief Harry Caldwell takes questions
    Protest outside Houston City Hall demanding justice for José Campos Torres
    Travis Morales, leader of a small group called People United Against Police Brutality, comments on a stabbing at the Moody Park Riot
    Two women challenge Morales on his role in the riot. State Representative Ben Reyes, a leader in the Mexican-American community, blamed "outside agitators" like Morales for inciting the violence. He argued that Morales used the bullhorn intended for the Cinco de Mayo celebration to agitate and urge on the crowd. Morales was arrested and charged with felony riot on May 12.