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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, November 21 - 25, 1967
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
Color & B/W
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    Dr. Oser Sch Bd. Meeting, 11/24/67: A meeting of the Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees turns heated after a member moves to postpone finalizing the upcoming school board runoff election ballot until after the Texas Supreme Court makes a decision about the eligibility of candidate Dr. George Oser. While Oser came in second to incumbent Mrs. H. W. Cullen in the preliminary election, Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Carl Smith later canceled Oser's voter registration certificate on the grounds that he registered after the filing period ended. Being a qualified voter is a prerequisite to serving on the school board. As a school board member describes here, the board subsequently voted to put Cullen and third-place candidate John Coronado on the runoff ballot. 
    Oser talks next steps
    School Board Ballots, 11/25/67: Printing sample ballots
    Oser Hearing, 11/24/67: Oser's legal team leaves a civil court hearing regarding the candidate's eligibility. District Judge Wallace C. Cunningham upheld the earlier decision to invalidate Oser's voter registration. Despite further appeals, Oser's name was not added to the ballot. Incumbent Cullen ultimately won the school board seat in the December 5 runoff election. 
    Fire Fatal, 11/24/67: Fire department officials walk through the remains of a house following a deadly fire
    Awards ceremony
    Gus Mutscher, 11/22/67: Texas State Representative Gus Mutscher talks about possible tax legislation in the upcoming session. Mutscher served as Speaker of the House from 1969 to 1971, when he resigned from the post after he was implicated in the Sharpstown scandal. He was convicted on bribery charges in 1972, but was later cleared on appeal. 
    Parade, 11/23/67: Actor and comedian Hal March leads the Foley's Thanksgiving Day Parade through downtown Houston
    Narco, 11/22/67: Law enforcement examine drugs seized during a recent bust
    Fire Bombing, 11/21/67: Dr. Hadley Hartshorn—acting head of Texas Southern University, a historically black university—and his wife survey the damage to their home following a firebomb attack. On the night of November 20, the couple awoke to the sound of breaking glass. Outside, they found one small fire on the front porch and another in a flower bed. The same evening, unknown assailants threw two firebombs through the glass door of a grocery store located in a predominantly African-American neighborhood. The incident, most likely an act of white racism, came just months after the deadly encounter between Texas Southern students and local law enforcement, commonly known as the TSU Riot. 
    Oser, 11/21/67: Tensions run high at a school board meeting. A lawyer for Dr. Oser later comments on the board's decision to not put his client's name on the ballot. 
    Dry Dock, 11/21/67: Crews work to bring in a large ship for dry docking
    Accident, 11/22/67: Law enforcement on the scene of a car accident
    Rape, 11/22/67: An undercover police officer aids in the arrest of an assault suspect