Southern Hospitality (1973)
William Mackie
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1973  |
| English
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    Television commercial foreshadows what is to come with, "Entertaining guests tonight..."   
    Strangers in the dark look inside the house
    The doorbell rings and two strangers, introduced as Lazlo and Renee, enter the house
    Joe and Lazlo converse in the living room, while Lazlo displays off-putting and strange behavior
    Betty accompanies Renee as she explores the upstairs
    Renee breaks a glass in the kitchen
    Joe catches Lazlo eagerly looking outside
    Renee and Lazlo convince Joe and Betty to entertain them longer
    Joe calls the police
    Renee spills coffee on Joe's blueprints
    The adults suddenly hear Suzie's cries from upstairs
    Joe demands an explanation for Renee and Lazlo's behavior
    A loud crash interrupts Joe's interrogation 
    Joe opens the door to a shocking scene
    The mob of refugees lock Joe and Betty outside the house
    To no avail, Joe seeks shelter within the neighborhood
    The White family enters one of Joe's model homes
    A family bangs on the door, begging for shelter