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Five Minutes to Live
Art Schulze
Sound |
1970s |
| English
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    A man has a heart attack at work and 911 is called
    Paramedics take the man's vitals and insert an IV
    The heart must first be completely stopped before a defibrillator shock will be given to jumpstart it again
    CPR is given
    Sodium bicarbonate counteracts any blood acidosis, an overproduction of acid resulting from the heart stopping 
    After the patient is stabilized, they are taken into the ambulance to the hospital
    The technology that developed new instruments to measure astronaut blood pressure also made standard blood pressure measuring systems possible: beats are picked up and measured by a digital readout
    The Harris County Medical Society was formed to improve the emergency response and healthcare of Houston's major hospitals
    The technology for the Houston Emergency Medical Care System would not have been available had not NASA required it to reach their space missions