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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, September 25 to October 15, 1969
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Bartinett on Mesquitos [sic], 10/09/69: A county official talks about public efforts to control disease-carrying mosquitoes
    Cat Show, 10/09/69: Adorable kittens on display at a cat show
    Dr N Shanway [sic] - Artificial Heart, 09/26/69: A KHOU reporter follows a recent heart transplant surgery at St. Luke's Hospital. Dr. Denton Cooley performed the operation on Henry Sims, a drug company supervisor from Birmingham, Alabama, on September 25. Sims was the 21st patient to receive a heart transplant from the Cooley team. He died the next month. 
    KHOU reporter Judd McIlvain speaks with pioneering heart surgeon Dr. Norman Shumway about the use of artificial hearts
    Viet Nam Kid, 09/26/69: McIlvain speaks with a the foster parents of a Vietnamese boy who came to the United States to receive medical treatment at Texas Children's Hospital and is unable to return home
    Women Buried, 09/26/69: A pair of fashionably dressed women dig their own graves for an upcoming stunt
    Stone Show, 09/25/69: A KHOU reporter profiles the the first ten inductees to the National Space Hall of Fame, located at the Albert Thomas Convention and Exhibit Center
    Grave Diggers, 09/25/69 KHOU reporter Ron Stone speaks with the two women about their planned stunt to spend 65 days buried six feed under
    Stone questions Bill White, who held the world record for longest time spent buried alive at the time
    Other Side of Coin, 10/15/69: McIlvain asks recovering veterans about their reaction to protests against the Vietnam War