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The Other 84 Percent (1960)
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1960 |
| English
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    The parole board receives the case file and requests further information from prison officials
    Institutional parole officer Ben Small evaluates the inmate
    Reviewing the inmate's the prison record
    Prison farm and meatpacking plant in Sugar Land
    The prison administration creates its own report
    O. B. Ellis, director of the Texas Department of Corrections, on the value of the parole system
    Copies of Small's report are mailed to the parole board in Austin as well as the parole supervision office where the inmate intends to settle
    Arranging employment for the prospective parolee
    The parole board explains the function of the system
    The board decides in the inmate's favor
    Governor Price Daniel makes the final approval
    Parole prospects are summoned to the prison administration building
    Small explains the terms and conditions of parole
    Upon release, the parolee receives $5 and a bus ticket to Houston
    Vincent O'Leary, state director of parole supervision, describes the parolee's chances of remaining out of prison