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Story of a Hurricane (1961)
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    Path of the storm
    Hurricane preparedness
    Strong winds begin to blow in
    Scene in Port Lavaca
    KPRC reporter Ken Fairchild delivers an update
    Storm surges crash into the Galveston Seawall near Murdoch's Bathouse. Hurricane Carla destroyed Murdoch's for the second time (the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 took responsibility for the first). The rebuilt structure survived until 2008, when Hurricane Ike hit Galveston. A new Murdoch's opened the following year. 
    Fairchild reporting from Victoria. The station's coverage of Hurricane Carla marked the first sound recording of a Texas storm.
    Weather radar
    Aftermath in Galveston
    An ambulance transports an injured person to the hospital
    First responders and volunteers search the wreckage of a destroyed home
    Those displaced by the storm flock to community shelters
    Scene in Palacios
    One steer survived the storm by taking shelter inside the house
    Fairchild speaks with a Palacios police officer
    The US Air Force delivers disaster relief resources
    Aerial footage
    Galveston resident Russell O. Bogle