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The Graham Collection - Assembly Line and Plow Production (1955)
Cathy Morrow
No Sound on Film
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    Loading up the trucks
    Loading a flatbed
    Plow tilling a field
    Farmer adjusts the plow
    Blades on a conveyer belt
    Working bundling the blades
    Removing tempered blades from the fire conveyor belt
    Attaching blades to the hooked conveyer belt
    Cutting the blades
    Cutting the blades cont.
    Putting the blades in the fire
    Machine forges the blades' shape
    Blades are re-fired
    Worker and machine bend the blades
    Holes punched in the blade
    Quenching the blades
    Machine shaves the blade to sharpen it
    Machine creates springs
    Machine bends metal into chisel
    Worker adjusts the chisel
    Checking the gauges
    Blueprints being drawn
     Pressing buttons to start the cleaning process
    Machine bending a beam
    Snowstorm outside the factory 
    Staking the frames and cleaning them
    Completed plow on the farm
    Plow's collapsable wings