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The History of the Southern District of Texas - The Brownsville Division (2002)
Brownsville Historical Association
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    Debates of statehood after independence from Mexico, 1846
    John C. Watrous, appointed district judge May 29, 1846
    Galveston and Brownsville designated for federal cases
    Jan 22, 1852, 1st hearing in Brownsville, 12th Street and East Elizabeth
     1857 division between East and West Texas
    Judge Thomas S. Maxey, June 25, 1888
    W.H. Crane and Benjamin Kowalski, plan Federal Courthouse, completed 1892
    Four districts created by Theodore Roosevelt, March 4, 1902, Waller T. Burns appointed
    Joseph C. Hutchinson appointed by Woodrow Wilson, April 16, 1918
    1930's Federal Courthouse, completed 1933
    Judge Reynaldo G. Garza biography
    Judge Philemon Vela, Sr. biography
    New federal courthouse struggle, 1989-1999
    Attempted jailbreak story
    Judge Hilda G. Tagle biography
    Judge Andrew S. Hanen biography
    Magistrate Judge John William Black biography
    Magistrate Judge Felix Recio biography
    United States Attorney Office description
    Federal Public Defender's Office description
    United States Marshall Service description
    District Clerk's Office description
    United States Probation Office description
    United States Pretrial Services Office description
    The Federal Library description